Brian Martin needed a poster for his new band, Sad Daddy. This idea for the poster was played off the fact that Brian always catches little fish when he goes out on the lake. I took a photo of his arms holding a plate with a sad sardine on it. What we didn’t realize is that most cans of sardines don’t have the heads attached. Originally, it just looked like a headless lump of fish. As a replacement, I found a nice photo of a mackerel and photoshopped it in. It ended up working out so much better. And honestly people, I don’t see how you all eat sardines. They smell so horrible. bleh.

There’s a new band headed everyone’s way this year in Arkansas. Watch out!

Joe Sundell – Vocals, Banjo, Harmonica
Melissa Carper – Vocals, Upright Bass
Brian Martin – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Mouth Horn

Visit the band atSad Daddy


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