I’m overall happy with the last minute photo shoot that was thrown together for Sad Daddy. It was the perfect southern setting with train cars, an outhouse, and dirty southern summer heat. Sadly, we didn’t have enough cold beer. On our way up to the hill, I almost jumped right onto a snake in the grass. As we were going to attempt to jump a ditch, I looked right were I was going to land. A nice, big snake was curled up relaxing. I caught myself just in time. I would have hated to have bothered him. Anyway, after going through all 500 shots, I realized the little things I wish I would have done with ideas and camera settings. It was a learning lesson for the next time I do a band photo session. I love this stuff. Now if I can just make good money doing it.

For the Sad Daddy shots, head on over to Flickr


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