Occasionally, I get to do something fun here. I don’t have as much creative freedom as I do at the film institute, but it can be rewarding sometimes.

There are quite a few people that end up having parties here. For a fee, you can request a band to come play at the venue.

They like to change up the web site every year. This is the old one from 2009. A bit more complicated and graphically involved. The coding was a bit rough. I’m not much of a coder, but they tend to work for the most part. I’d prefer to just design a site and have someone code it. It takes a specific person to enjoy doing all of the html, css, flash, etc.

And this is the new one. Simplified and concentrating more on photography. It’s given me a chance to show off my work in the media section. It still needs improvements, but they always rush the deadline when they want it done, and ends up not getting done clean enough or the way it should. You can’t rush creativity and good work when it comes to web sites. I probably won’t be doing any more here. I do better when I do it my way. The film festival site has turned out the best so far. The JavaPrimo site should turn out pretty good too.

Check out Maxine’s Live Music Venue HERE.


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