I’ve enjoyed every process of what I’ve done for this project, but there are times when you have to depend on someone to pull through with the final result, and they fail or don’t provide the courtesy and respect you’d normally deserve. This is our day and age when good business ethics have all but disappeared.

First, the sidewalk logo turned out pretty much the way I wanted. The stencil took forever, considering I had to cut over 500 pieces out. The painting process took a couple of hours due to dry time and dehydration. It all finally turned out. While I was spraying the stencil, I noticed the type of people walking the streets. Considering it was Friday the 13th, I knew this was going to be bad. Even WITH four orange cones surrounding this thing, people still walked on it and stood in the middle of it.  The logo ended up getting trashed on the first night.

Lastly, the T-shirts were coming in, and I was excited to say the least. Anything that gets printed here in Arkansas always makes me nervous. After having gone through so many print companies, I’ve discovered they all tend to goof up. Section 8 in Little Rock especially, after one… simple…. job. Normally, when you send a printer a file, they turn it to a negative for screen print. These guys just used the image as the negative. And this goof up came from the manager directly. He tried to blame me for the mix up and would refuse to take responsibility.  I was in disbelief.

So, the first image is what I sent. The second, is what they printed on the shirts. And they refused to correct their error.

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