It’s almost upon us. This year’s Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival should be interesting, to say the least. I’m finished with all of the design work for the event. The program guide is the last piece of this and that’s going to take some time. The look is complete, but we wait impatiently for the substance.

As much of a pain it was to try to whip together something for the official festival website, I have to say, it turned out nice. I’m pretty happy with it, considering it was rushed. I prefer the design I did this year much more than 2009’s.

I’m hoping the lanyards turn out in the final printing process. Last year, the company I used, printed them VERY incorrectly. They added a 1/4 inch white border which made the lanyards abnormally bigger. They were supposed to cut it at the bleed mark.

The sponsorship kit needed some serious improvements. It was a little mundane and simple before, with undesirable graphs and Times New Roman. Here’s the donor kit for the HSDFF.

And………. T-shirts. Oh yes, the t-shirts. I’m praying to the printing gods that they help me get through these times here. Refer to Arkuff post. Quality control!

More to come…

Get more info on The 19th Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival and check out the website I did for them HERE.


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