Much to my surprise, I came across the Divvy Bikes guys dropping off the elusive #DIVVYRED near North and Clybourn Red Line station on my way home around 7pm. I had just read about this a week before in the Red Eye. Even though I was thinking of just getting a picture of it, it suddenly seemed like a good day for a bike ride home. So I proceeded to ride down Halsted to our apartment in Lakeview 4 miles away. Lisa wasn’t aware of the nerdy awesomeness I possessed for things like this. We stood outside debating the importance of how hungry she was. Her awareness of the public popularity of this rarity quickly switched on after passerby’s wanted photos with it and made comments about it. Food no longer became important. I was ordered to quickly head to the next Divvy station to grab a blue bike so we could ride downtown. After picking up a Divvy Blue next to Wrigley Field, we journeyed down Lakeshore trail all the way down to Navy Pier and back to Wrigleyville. After we locked up Divvyred at midnight, a couple quickly snatched it up for a midnight trek.

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