The brunch bug is spreading faster in Chicago. I’ve been to a few places such as SIP, Uncommon Ground, and others. But I was left feeling empty inside my soul and my stomach. These places were stuffy and snobby with no personality, just trend and status. The food was too expensive for the quality and portions given with no redeeming qualities. With the exception of my favorite places, Wilde and Lady Gregory, there are some better alternatives further north. The Growling Rabbit and Act One Pub have become a couple of my favorites. If you want your alcohol option, The Growling Rabbit won’t give you any, but Act One Pub has great $4 mimosas, as opposed to $6-9 in the stuffy joints. It turns out that bottomless brunches are illegal. So, no getting tipsy off those endless mimosas. But if you just want different kinds of mimosa, El Hefe has a huge one with the small bottle sticking out the top and Rocks has the “Manmosa” with a shot of Gran Marnier.


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