My iPhone 6 has been a bit of an eye sore for well over a year. The cracks spread across a third of the screen like annoying tree branches blocking a nice view. And this was also a constant reminder of a bad time in my life. I paid off this phone just in time for the release of the iPhone 7. And I was quick to rush out and grab one. This upgrade, for me, was more significant than people upgrading from a 6s to the 7. I decided to sign up for a new phone every year through AT&T, since it was only $5 more a month.

My first decision, was to get the 256 gb version. I transfer a lot of photos from my 6D wirelessly to my phone and edit in VSCOCAM and Instagram. So, this extra space is perfect, without having to worry about the size of the images. The new matte black version is also something I prefer. I’m so tired of “space gray”. The battery life on this is also much better. But that may just be because I’m used to the weakened 2 year battery of my 6. Although, it is supposed to last longer. It’s also noticeably faster when I do anything on it, especially the finger print reader and opening apps. The 3D Touch and haptic button is pretty cool. I don’t mind the missing moveable home button. The feel of it simulating a real button push is pretty amazing. Sadly, this phone and iOS 10 does have it’s minor annoyances.

The main problem everyone has is the missing headphone jack. I honestly don’t mind this. What does bother me, is that the dongle that it comes with is white and flimsy. It would be nice if they had an option for black, since a lot of headphone wires are. And the flimsy wire is just a warning sign that I will need to probably buy another to replace it, eventually. I use Shure headphones, so it would have been nice if they had made a version with the lighting adapter built in, in time for the release of this iPhone. And the option of having other manufacturer’s versions of wireless headphones would have been cool. I can’t stand the look of Apple’s “airpods”. And lastly, since winter is around the corner, I decided to try my iPhone gloves on this. They don’t work, which pisses me off a bit. The haptic button does not respond at all to them. One old pair will let me swipe the screen, but my Under Armour gloves are completely useless for use with the iPhone 7.

Overall, it’s just nice not having to look at a cracked screen anymore. And the iPhone 7 is a good upgrade from the 6. But I will say, Apple is not really pulling out the major innovations that everyone is expecting from the past several years. And they are really dropping the ball with software.