The first quarter of 2019 is over and this relationship with food is steady and healthy. Now if I could just marry it.

Out of the numerous shoots this quarter, here are a few of my favorite dishes from Somerset, County BBQ, Kai Sushi, The Florentine, Maison Marcel, Ras Dashen, Calavera, Giant, Next of Kin, Etta, Longman and Eagle, Walton St Kitchen, Bellemore, Vajra (apparently have redesigned their food since this shoot), Fulton Market Kitchen, The Loyalist, Beacon Tavern, Taketai, The Gage, HaiSous, Gyu Kaku, The Budlong, Mercat a la Planxa, Mini Mott, and Tuco and Blondie. No, I’m never going to label every dish. That’s asking a lot as it’s too time consuming. I’m talking to YOU, Yelpers.